These comments are direct quotations from the Hansard documents.

Personal Ambition Ahead of Public Trust

Mr. Gerald Keddy (South Shore, CPC): Mr. Speaker, in all this scandal, one issue has floated to the top. The Prime Minister has put his personal ambition ahead of the public trust. It forever reminds me of a big bullfrog just jumping from one scandal ridden lily pad to the next as it sinks underneath it.

According to the same Prime Minister, there is no money out there to help farmers affected by BSE but he found $250 million to help his Liberal friends.

Hon. Ralph Goodale (Minister of Finance, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, I would remind the hon. gentleman that over the last number of months the government has invested the better part of $500 million in initiatives to deal with BSE. Officials with the Department of Agriculture spent all day yesterday in consultations with the Canadian Cattlemen's Association to determine what further might be required.

Mr. Gerald Keddy (South Shore, CPC): Mr. Speaker, if the government were to convict everybody who was guilty in this scandal it would not have enough left for a four-handed game of 45.

I ask those members to just look at themselves. They are an embarrassment, an absolutely incredible embarrassment to the history of this nation.

It is incredible that the government feels that it is acceptable to launder $250 million toward Liberal lackeys while neglecting its duties to other Canadians.

The Minister of Finance is not too busy trying to ward off the Liberal sponsorship death--

The Deputy Speaker: Order, please. The hon. Minister of Finance.

Hon. Ralph Goodale (Minister of Finance, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, in all that outburst there was not in fact a question.

I would simply point out to Canadians that the Government of Canada is absolutely determined that this matter will be thoroughly ventilated from top to bottom and the consequences will fall wherever the consequences should be. We will follow the trail and deal with this matter decisively. All the processes are in place to do that.

In the meantime, I am working very hard on a budget that will meet the expectations of Canadians.