These comments are direct quotations from the Hansard documents.

Supplementary Reports Show More Money

Mr. Inky Mark (Dauphin—Swan River, PC): Mr. Speaker, today we learned that the supplementary estimates show an additional $10 million for the firearms registry.

Access to information requests have revealed that between April 14 and June 30 there were no full time or part time employees of the Department of Justice working on the Canadian firearms program. Another access to information request showed that during the same period no employees in the department of the Solicitor General were working on the firearms program.

My question is, if no one in either the justice department or the Solicitor General's office is working on the gun registry, just exactly who is minding this--

The Speaker: The hon. Solicitor General.

Hon. Wayne Easter (Solicitor General of Canada, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, I want to be very clear that the hon. member has his facts wrong.

We are not, through these supplementary estimates, asking Parliament for one more cent for the firearms program. Not one more cent. The money is not new money. The money was approved by Parliament and the money is within the spending targets that we announced earlier.

In fact, we are on target in terms of our action plan. We met the deadline for registrations. We are continuing to maintain registrations and we will continue until--

The Speaker: That concludes question period for the day. We will proceed to orders of the day.